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Privacy policy

Thanks for visiting mymiracleberry.com and reviewing our privacy policy. Mymiracleberry respects and is committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy protection section communicates how, when, and why we gather information about our customers and what we do with it. We collect NO personal information like names or addresses when you visit our website. If you choose to provide that information to us it is only used to fulfill your request for information.

We do collect some technical information when you visit to make your visit seamless. The section below explains how we handle and collect technical information when you visit our website.

Information Collected and Stored Automatically

When you browse, read pages or download information on the mymiracleberry.com website, we automatically gather and store certain technical information about your visit. This information never identifies who you are. The information we collect and store about your visit is listed below:

The Internet domain (for example, "example.com" if you use a private Internet access account, or "yourschool.edu" if you connect from a university's domain) and IP address (an IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are surfing the Web) from which you access our website;

The type of browser (e.g., Netscape, Internet Explorer) and operating system (Windows, Unix) used to access our site;

The date and time you access our site; The pages you visit; and if you linked to the mymiracleberry.com website from another website, the address of that website.

This information is only used to help us make the site more useful for you. With this data we learn about the number of visitors to our site and the types of technology our visitors use. We never track or record information about individuals and their visits.


When you visit some websites, their webservers generate pieces of information known as cookies. Some cookies collect personal information to recognize your computer in the future. This is not the case at mymiracleberry.com, where we only use non-persistent cookies or "per-session cookies." These cookies do not collect personal information on users and they are erased as soon as you leave our website.

Per-session cookies serve technical purposes like providing seamless navigation through mymiracleberry.com. These cookies do not permanently record data and they are not stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies are stored in memory and are only available during an active browser session. Again, once you close your browser, the cookie disappears.

If You Send Us Personal Information

If you choose to provide us with personal information — like filling out a Feedback form with personal information and submitting it to us through the website — we use that information to respond to your message and to help us get you the information you have requested. We only share the information as may be required by law. We never create individual profiles or give it to any private organizations. mymiracleberry.com never collects information for commercial marketing.

Site Security

For site security purposes and to ensure that this service remains available to all users, this computer system employs commercial software programs to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage.

Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information on this service are strictly prohibited and may be punishable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act.

Mymiracleberry.com Linking Policy

mymiracleberry.com links to many websites created and maintained by other organizations. mymiracleberry.com provides these links as a service to our users. When users link to an outside website, they are leaving the mymiracleberry.com site and are subject to the privacy and security policies of the owners/sponsors of the outside website(s).


Mymiracleberry.com will not link to any website that exhibits hate, bias or discrimination. Furthermore, we reserve the right to deny or remove any link that contains misleading information or unsubstantiated claims, or is determined to be in conflict with mymiracleberry.com’s mission or policies.

Disclaimer of Endorsement

The information posted on the mymiracleberry.com website includes hypertext links or pointers to information created and maintained by other organizations. Mymiracleberry.com provides these links and pointers solely for our users' information and convenience. When users select a link to an outside website, they are leaving the Mymiracleberry.com site and are subject to the privacy and security policies of the owners/sponsors of the outside website.

Mymiracleberry.com does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of information contained on a linked website.

Mymracleberry.com does not endorse the organizations sponsoring linked websites and we do not endorse the views they express or the products/services they offer.

Mymiracleberry.com does not and cannot authorize the use of copyrighted materials contained in linked websites. Users must request such authorization from the sponsor of the linked website.

Mymiracleberry.com is not responsible for transmissions users receive from linked websites.

Order information

If you place an order through Mymiracleberry, we will ask you for your e-mail address, shipping address, telephone number and credit card information. We use this information to process and fulfill your order and to notify you of your order status.

All archived credit card information is maintained in a secure and safe environment. Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are only used to contact you regarding your order, unless you request to receive our e-mail newsletter updates.

Email List

We invite interested visitors to sign up to receive occasional e-mails about new products, featured artists, and special offers. When you sign up, we ask for your first name and e-mail address.

You can also choose to let us about your product interests and how you heard about Mymiracleberry. We do not allow any other companies to use our email list to market to our customers. We do not rent, sell or share our email list, except with the company that sends our emails and this company is contractually obligated not to share this information with anyone.

If you decide you no longer wish to receive e-mail from us, every e-mail we send to you includes simple instructions on how to opt out of future communications. You can also review opt-out instructions below. Catalog Mailings


We may occasionally hold contests or post surveys on our site. Participation in contests and surveys is entirely optional. We may ask contest or survey participants for personal contact information, such as e-mail address, name, address, or telephone number which we may use to send participants information related to the contest or survey.

We will not sell, rent, or share your e-mail address or phone with anyone. We may make your mailing address available to carefully screened companies whose products or services might interest you.

If you have participated in contests or surveys in the past, but no longer wish to receive related information, you can opt out of receiving these future communications (see opt out instructions below).

Opt out

If you decide you no longer wish to receive communications from us, you can opt out by:

  1. Contacting us at remove@mymiracleberry.com
    • At the bottom of every e-mail we send out is a line that reads: If you prefer not to receive e-mails from us, please e-mail us at remove@mymiracleberry.com.
    • Clicking on the link displays a mail form that has 'please remove' in the subject line. If you hit the send button, your name will be automatically removed from our e-mail list.
  2. Calling customer service
    • If you prefer to speak to us live, please call us at (909) 542-8884 Mymiracleberry is open 8 AM to 1AM PST and 9 AM to midnight PST Sat- Sun. If you don't reach us, please leave a message with your name and telephone number. We will respond to email and voice mail promptly.