Miracle Berry
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How It Works

The Berry

The miracle berry (Synsepalum dulcificum), is native to West Africa and has been used for centuries by local tribes to sweeten their generally acidic diets. By eating the fruit and swirling the pulp around in their mouths, they discovered that their taste perceptions were temporarily modified, changing their normally sour foods to taste sweet.

Recent scientific studies reveal the reason for this naturally occurring phenomenon is contributed to the active glycoprotein within the berry itself, known as Miraculin. After the protein coats the taste buds, Miraculin causes a temporary change in the taste receptors, allowing the mind to perceive sours, bitter, and acidic flavors as sweet.

The miracle berry is the most expensive berry in the world because there is no other berry like it. This premium price is attributed to the highly perishable nature of the fruit and the limited supply in the global market, each individual berry is sold for a price between $2-$5. Through innovation and commitment to share the miracle berry's benefits, the mberry miracle berry fruit tablet was introduced.

The Tablet

mberry is a small yet powerful miracle berry tablet that quickly melts in your mouth. mberry tablets are all-natural and made with the finest selection of miracle berries available. mberry contains zero additives or added sugars and each tablet is made with approximately three miracle berries. The mberry tablet delivers the all same wonderful benefits and effects of the fresh miracle berry without compromise.

The Pairings

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