Miracle Berry
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The Miracle Berry

You can eat a berry and then bite into a lemon," says Harvey. "It becomes not only sweeter, but it will be the best lemon you've tasted in your life. -BBC News Report UK

The magic berry that turns sour food sweet

It sounds like something Willy Wonka might have invented at his chocolate factory - a berry that can make everything sour taste sweet. Lemons lose their sharpness, vinegar tastes like sherry and a pint of Guinness comes to resemble chocolate milkshake. -The Daily Mail UK

The 'miracle berry' that turns taste on its head: I tried it and it works

The sensation was surreal, as if I were sampling the result of some worrying genetic modification. Yet it was 100 per cent natural, the incredible effect of the ‘miracle berry’ that has become the most fashionable fad among the foodie set. -The Daily Mail UK

A Tiny Fruit That Tricks the Tongue

CARRIE DASHOW dropped a large dollop of lemon sorbet into a glass of Guinness, stirred, drank and proclaimed that it tasted like a "chocolate shake." -The New York Times

Miracle berry lets Japanese dieters get sweet from sour

Yesterday the Guardian braced its taste buds for an acidic onslaught to see if the berries really do the trick. The waiter mischievously suggested samplingthe food and drink - a lemon cake, assorted fruit and a glass of rosehip tea - before trying the miracle berry. The slice of cake, bright yellow and embellished by dollops of lemon jelly, was nondescript, but with a definite bitterness. The miracle berry came in a small white dish. Eaten alone it tasted remotely sweet, but a few minutes later the rest of the food had undergone a dramatic transformation. The cake had taken on a new flavour and the tea had lost its bitterness. The fruit - oranges, grapefruits, lemons and several different berries - were much kinder on the palate, though thankfully the berry had not completely removed their refreshing tartness. -The Guardian

The miracle fruit that turns sour food sweet

Citric fruits are a fruit droppers' favourite tipple because the effect is so dramatic. For me, the effect was quite simply astounding. I was able to munch my way through an entire lemon without a squint. The sour tang had been completely replaced by a smooth sugary taste, a little like a sherbert lemon or homemade lemonade. -Belfast Telegraph